[whatwg] Web Forsm 2.0 possible omissions

Anne van Kesteren annevk at opera.com
Wed Mar 21 14:07:47 PDT 2007

On Wed, 21 Mar 2007 21:58:34 +0100, chris at bodar.com <chris at bodar.com>  
> RE; See the inputmode="" attribute in the current draft.
> I'm familiar with it from XForms but unless if totally missed a trick it  
> is oriented towards languages and modes (such as  lowerCase) rather than  
> filtering/refusing certain keys - I will dig back in incase I missed  
> something in Xforms...

That's a UI issue really.

> Re: This can be easily achieved with a simple script but I wonder if  
> it's  desirable.
> but the point of webforsm is to avoid scripts where possible (so it  
> works for high security peeps as well as accessibility peeps...), isn't  
> it?
> as for desireable - well if WEb forms is part of the WEB API initiative  
> and both legacy applications (unix/dos based), contemporary applications  
> (key code fields in installation dialogs) and future apps (my next  
> project!! ;-)) I suspect it is both useful and desireable (if you've  
> ever been a data inputter you'll know what i mean. If you are  
> uncomfortable with 'autotabbing' then a trimmed down version might be  
> making a field with readonly elements e.g. 01/02/1945 as __/__/___   
> Still autotabbing is a feature I have been asked to deliver about once  
> ever six months for the last 10 years (and using script have done so) I  
> just want to make it work for my banking friends who have scripts turned  
> off and who are ALWAYS using legacy style apps so get frustrated when  
> clunk web apps don't provide the facility (especially when hitting the  
> right arrow on a form element doesn' jump you to the next element.

Well, for dates for instance there's a native input type. So that isn't  
really a good use case.

> My feelings is that it is both desireable and useful (and I'd like to  
> see improved keyboard accessibility (such as arrow keys too) but this is  
> probably not the place for that rant!...

Anne van Kesteren

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