[whatwg] Apple Proposal for Timed Media Elements

Nicholas Shanks contact at nickshanks.com
Thu Mar 22 07:49:23 PDT 2007

On 22 Mar 2007, at 00:08, Maciej Stachowiak proposed:

> CSS Timed Media Module
> HTML Timed Media Elements

• On volume:

The volume property is currently inconsistent in the string names  
Value: reads "silent | soft | medium | loud | x-loud" but the  
definitions below use the terms "silent, low, medium, high, full- 
I think this should match css3-speech's voice-volume property:

Volume has the range 0-100 in the DOM interface, but 0.0-1.0 in CSS.  
These should be consistent (I favour zero to one and allowing  
You may also want to name it media-volume, on analogy with voice- 
volume. (or change css3-speech to use just "volume")

• On media state:

I think that the ERROR state attribute should have a value of -1 not  
+1 since it is a worse state than uninitalised—you know it's bad  
rather that being unsure (and the state constants be defined as  
signed rather than unsigned)

Should the DOM attribute be called mediaStatus or mediaState? I think  
the terminology should match regardless of whether status or state is  
Should media-play-state be renamed to avoid confusion with values for  

- Nicholas.
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