[whatwg] EMBED should not require src if type is specified.

Shadow2531 shadow2531 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 05:15:02 PDT 2007

As mentioned offtopic in
just like OBJECT, for EMBED, the src attribute is not always needed
and sometimes it must not be present.

The best example for not requiring src is the tcl plug-in.

Also, Java can be loaded via the embed element where src is not needed.

There are other cases with the Windows Media plug-in or with the
RealPlayer plug-in where just loading the plug-in with the type
attribute and doing scripting on the object is desirable.

There's also the neptune plug-in. For example: <embed
param-location="your-entry-page.htm">. In this case, it wants a
param-location param and not a src param.


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