[whatwg] on codecs in a 'video' tag.

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 13:40:51 PDT 2007

Hi Dave,

On 3/28/07, Dave Singer <singer at apple.com> wrote:
> >>  We really feel that the HTML spec. should say no more about video and
> >>  audio formats than it does about image formats (which is merely to give
> >>  examples), and we should strive independently for audio/video
> >>  convergence.  We'd really like to discuss the 'meat' of the proposal --
> >>  the tags, the CSS, and so on!
> >
> >The whole point of the spec is to make sure implementations are
> >compatible.  Just discussing the "meat" and ignoring how things work out
> >in practice may backfire.
> I think the example of SVG (a 'markup' language) having a codec
> requirement that 3GPP then had to explicitly write-out is
> instructive.  The attempt there didn't work.

I would be curious for the reasons that 3GPP has taken the requirement
of vorbis out of the spec. Was that a decision based on technical
reasons and could you please explain what these technical reasons


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