[whatwg] Section nesting menu and an old HTML 3 friend LH

Spartanicus mk98762 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 00:30:58 PDT 2007

"Simon Pieters" <zcorpan at gmail.com> wrote:

>I tried to find use-cases for list headers, where it is desired that they  
>not be part of the document outline. The people discussing in the  
>aforementioned thread could not provide any real use-cases, AFAICT.

I concocted an example in this article on HTML 4 heading usage:
The example used there can be considered artificial, I don't know if
forms much of a use case.

More importantly, I believe that a document outline model that
sub-devides the content into sections that describe/outline the content
should be developed by the content author, and then implemented by
coding headings, rather than the other way around (an outline that
results from (potentially presentational) heading usage).

That aside, I'm not convinced that there is a problem to solve here, or
that a case can be made where list headings would offer any potential
benefit over using a <p> element (leaving aside the useless "it isn't a
paragraph" argument).


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