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Jon Barnett jonbarnett at gmail.com
Fri May 4 07:33:53 PDT 2007

> > # # [19:40] <Hixie> hsivonen: so, my requirements for the <font>/
> style="" thing is that style="" not be allowed everywhere, since
> > that encourages media-specific markup.

A style attribute that includes media-specific properties (page-break-after,
voice-family) still works as expected.  The only thing "style" doesn't
provide is to apply non-media-specific attributes in a media-specific way
(applying a border to screen media and not print media).  That's a rare use

Is this spec dead?
Would/could that spec allow @media rules within the style attribute?  It
apparently allows @include rules.

It's a 5 year old draft, but it looks useful.  Yes, I understand its
functionality is covered by local <style> elements

Does HTMLElement still implement ElementCSSInlineStyle from DOM Style 2?
someelement.style is very popular in Javascript, and I don't see a
compelling reason to remove it if it is being removed.

It's worth nothing how browsers currently handle setting a property using
someelement.style.border = "1px solid";

IE, Firefox, and Opera all show the "border" property as part of the style
attribute (even if the style attribute wasn't already set).  Firefox uses
the "border" property, IE uses "border-left", "border-right", etc.  Opera
doesn't use any shortcut properties and uses "border-left-style", etc.
Konqueror does apply the border, but doesn't reflect that property in the
innerHTML.  I'm not sure how important any of this is.

Jon Barnett
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