[whatwg] Sandboxing ideas

Magnus Gasslander mg at opera.com
Thu May 10 06:13:18 PDT 2007

Gervase Markham skrev:
> Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> I wonder if this issue could be solved on the layout/CSS level by 
>> providing a way to make the height of an iframe depend on the actual 
>> height of the root element of the document loaded in the iframe. That 
>> is, would it be feasible to make the iframe contents have the 
>> layout/UI feel of a part of the parent page while keeping the DOMs 
>> and script security contexts separate?
> It's certainly feasible; there's a patch for it for Gecko:
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=80713
I see you have done some work to prevent reflow loops with percentage 
root heights > 100%, but how does your patch handle an iframe document 
that looks like this? (I can think of nastier testcases also, where 
"bottom"  is embedded further down in the document)

<div style="position:absolute;bottom:-5px;">This will force a scrollbar 
on the document</div>


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