[whatwg] Sandboxing ideas

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Tue May 15 04:28:05 PDT 2007

The OP probably meant that maintaining so many contexts would cause a
comparable deterioration in performance.  All user comments should be put in
one security context.
With all comments grouped together in such a manner, you could even use an
inline frame.

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On Tue, 15 May 2007 13:02:51 +0200, Gervase Markham <gerv at mozilla.org>  

>> I'd treat these two problems as equally important. A separate HTTP  
>> request per forum comment on the page is completely unacceptable.

> Would you really want separate security contexts for each comment?

I wouldn't want to allow people screw up others' comments, making it look  
that other users wrote what they didn't write. So, yes, it's important  
that any code within a comment cannot change anything but itself. This  
also means that the comment should be unable to change the header/footer  
around it to pretend that someone else wrote it.

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