[whatwg] Dashed strokes on <canvas>

David Flanagan david at davidflanagan.com
Wed May 16 11:42:56 PDT 2007

Ian Hickson wrote:

> ...which would have to be defined, including error handling logic, 
> including how to handle corners, including how to do dot distribution to 
> have nice symmetry, etc, etc, etc. It's actually quite complex.

I believe that most of these issues can and should be left to the 
implementation.  If the implementation is allowed to choose whether or 
not to draw shadows, then I think it is fine to allow the implementation 
to choose the minor details of dash rendering.

> Anything that isn't specified to the virtual pixel is an error in the 
> spec. (The canvas section is especially prone to these given my lack of a 
> graphics background.) In theory, the canvas section is supposed to specify 
> everything down to the level just before anti-aliasing.

I just want to point out here that optional support for shadows 
contradicts this.

And I think I'm ready to drop this now.  I've posted an entry on my 
(low-readership) blog about the (surprising, I think) fact that there is 
no plan to add support for dashed lines.  Maybe that will generate a few 
more requests for the feature.  Or maybe you're right and no one except 
me really cares about this :-)

Thanks for all your time on this matter,

	David Flanagan

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