[whatwg] <BIG> Element

Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Sun Nov 4 02:59:46 PST 2007

Matthew Paul Thomas skrev:

> To allow this on the Web, the CSS font-style property would need to have 
> not just "normal", "italic", and "oblique" values, but also an 
> "italic-inverse" value. Browsers should then use this value by default 
> for any inline element where they currently use "italic".

No problem!

i {
     font-style: italic;

i i {
     font-style: normal;

/* and to be sure */

i i i {
     font-style: italic;
i i i i  {
     font-style: normal;

However, on the web nestled em seems to be used mostly to add additional 
level of emphasis, for which I think this might not be suitable. And 
nestled dfn-tags seem absurd to me.

Lars Gunther

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