[whatwg] Couple comments on Database storage spec.

Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Sun Oct 7 04:57:27 PDT 2007

Maybe I am wrong but I have a feeling that the need to quote anything
programmatically means that the underlying programming language has a severe
flaw.  Quoting is a primitive method of marshalling requests for persistence
and transport; such needs are best handled behind the scenes.  If I have to
quote by hand, I am sure I am going to fail to do it right sooner or later.
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It may be worthwhile for Database to export a quote(arg) function,
which will quote the argument in the appropriate manner for use in
constructing a statement.  This is useful for cases where it is
challenging to reduce something to a static SQL statement with bind
parameters.  [A common case for this is something like "SELECT rowid
FROM t WHERE c IN (...)", and you want to replace ... with an
appropriately quoted comma-separated array.]

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