[whatwg] "Fitting in" with where HTML is going

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Sat Oct 27 14:01:48 PDT 2007


I've been lurking for a couple months, with a special interest in media-related enhancements.

I'm looking for recommendations on how to make a project a better philosophical fit with where HTML is going, and if that's too off-topic I'll happily go back to lurking.

Before the end of the year I'll be releasing "Objecty"[1] v1.0, whose purpose is to make putting video and audio in a web page (a) dead-simple[2] and (b) as consistent syntax-wise across formats as possible.  As it matures, it'll provide additional format-agnostic capabilities.

Since it's easier for me to change Objecty's syntax now, I'd appreciate a quick review from experts on future-HTML before I go too far down the wrong road.

Thank you,

-- Charles

[1] http://wiltgen.net/objecty/

[2] <object class="ObjectyMe" uri="300.flv" width="480" height="200" poster="300-poster.jpg"></object>

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