[whatwg] The issue of interoperability of the <video> element

gary turner gary.kk5st at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 17:31:46 PDT 2007

Dave Singer wrote:<snip>
 > Lastly, I feel a little hurt that Apple is
> being so attacked when we take great efforts to develop, implement, 
> promote, and interoperate open systems and specifications, while there 
> are others in the industry who make no such efforts.  Could the rhetoric 
> against us be toned down a little, please?

I have followed this thread through all its ravelings, and have seen no 
attacks on Apple (and those more on the decisions than on the company), 
other than on this particular issue.  Is that so unwarranted?

It is certain that MSFT has more to be railed against, but the general 
feeling is that there is a greater than zero chance that Apple would 
listen and respond positively.  Not so with that other guy.

I'm just one of the grunts in the trenches, trying to produce web pages 
that are usable and accessible.  I want and need ubiquitous audio and 
video technologies.  That means for general use Real and wmv are out. 
MPEG4 has serious baggage.  At the moment, we're left with ogg 
theora/vorbis for the minimum supported format.  The submarine patents 
are a red herring.  As with gif and mp3, there are/will be alternatives 
if the sub breaches.  Deal with it if and when it happens, as we've done 

As an aside to the lawyers, couldn't adverse possession be invoked in 
the case of hidden patents?


Anyone can make a usable web site. It takes a graphic
designer to make it slow, confusing and painful to use.

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