[whatwg] Offline Web Apps

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Thu Sep 13 08:36:42 PDT 2007

On Sep 13, 2007, at 8:30 AM, Aaron Boodman wrote:

> They could rewrite bugzilla to use fragment identifiers instead of  
> querystrings, but then bug shortcuts on the web would not work with  
> the offline-enabled application.

If you're designing a new application, even one that works both  
online and offline, it's not so helpful.

But if you're trying to transition an existing application, with lots  
of existing URLs, then you might wish for some way to handle these  
URLs with query strings. I could imagine a similar issue if YouTube  
was creating the "offline mode for YouTube".

However, it may be asking too much of the offline design to  
accommodate this. The query string is part of the URL, a part  
normally parsed only by the server, and it's hard to see how to fit  
this in.

     -- Darin

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