[whatwg] successful form controls

Garrett Smith dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 17:40:22 PDT 2007

I found a few mistakes in the spec.

5.1. Successful form controls
The controls that are successful are those that are included in the
submission (in the form data set) when their form is submitted.

All form controls are successful except:

Controls with no associated form.
Controls that are inside repetition templates (those that are in their
forms' templateElements list).
Controls that are inside datalist elements.
Controls with no name, except if they are image controls.
Disabled controls.
Checkboxes that are not checked.
Radio buttons that are not checked.
Submit buttons (including image buttons) that did not initiate the
current submission process.
Buttons of type button, reset, add, remove, move-up, or move-down.
Output controls.
File upload controls with no value selected, or with only values that
point to non-existent files.
Controls do not have to have a value to be successful.

 * Readonly controls (just like how it works in HTML 4)
 * controls within a fieldset that is disabled
 * controls whose associated FORM (either FIELDSET or FORM element) is
either disabled or readonly.

The WF2 spec does include the attribute disabled for a fieldset, but
does not say that disabling a fieldset has *any* effect whatsoever.
This, to me, seems to be an oversight.

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