[whatwg] Video

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 15:38:04 PDT 2008

On 01/04/2008, Gervase Markham <gerv at mozilla.org> wrote:
> Robert J Crisler wrote:

>  > From my perspective, and for what it's worth, I doubt that
> > the ideals of the W3C as expressed in <> would
> > result in a situation that would be superior to simply letting the
>  > international standards body for audio and video codecs deal with these
>  > technological areas.

> Your plan would, at least, prevent the "standard" codec being supported
>  on Free operating systems. Meeting as it stands would not
>  prevent this. Therefore, it would be a superior situation.

The actual solution is a large amount of compelling content in Theora
or similar. Wikimedia is working on this, though we're presently
hampered by a severe lack of money for infrastructure and are unlikely
to have enough in time for FF3/Webkit/HTML5.

- d.

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