[whatwg] ALT and equivalent representation

Bill Mason whatwg at accessibleinter.net
Sun Apr 20 10:32:34 PDT 2008

Shannon wrote:
> What about this as a possible solution?
> <img src="part1.png" altgroup="rating">
> <img src="part2.png" altgroup="rating">
> <img src="part3.png" altgroup="rating">
> <altgroup id="rating" value="3/5">
> I don't think this would raise any serious implementation issues as the 
> logic is quite simple; If all elements in an altgroup are unavailable 
> then display the value of the altgroup tag. The alt attribute would then 
> be optional where altgroup is defined but required in all other cases.

I think it would be more logical for the specification to support the 
common, existing, reasonable authoring practices than go through the 
expense of introducing both a new attribute and a new element.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
whatwg at accessibleinter.net

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