[whatwg] ALT and equivalent representation

Shannon shannon at arc.net.au
Sun Apr 20 23:48:06 PDT 2008

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> I think you've misunderstand Simon's suggestion, which was:
> <p>Rating: <img src=1 alt=3/5><img src=1 alt><img src=1 alt><img
>    src=0 alt><img src=0 alt></p>
> Note /all/ the img elements have alt attributes, the point is the 
> alternative text for the group is expressed by the first alt 
> attribute. It's thus actually the same as the fallback you propose:
Not the same thing at all. There is no direct association between the 
elements so there is no way a validator or browser would know the 
difference between a missing/empty alt and an optional one - thus making 
ALL use of alt optional as far as formal validation is concerned. If you 
are implying a group can be denoted by being at the same block level or 
in the correct order in the stream (no intervening images) then I doubt 
that would work in practice.


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