[whatwg] WebWorker questions

Chris Prince cprince at google.com
Tue Aug 12 11:44:33 PDT 2008

> What stops a web page hogging ALL cores (deliberately or not)
> and leaving no resources for the UI mouse or key actions required
> to close the page?

Any modern operating system enforces this, using standard thread /
process task scheduling.

> I know it's a "vendor issue" but should the spec at least recommend
> UAs leave the last CPU/core free for OS tasks?

That doesn't make much sense.  For one, it would forbid parallel
execution on single-core machines.  Also, it's not necessary, due to
OS task scheduling as described above.

Throttling other ways (e.g. "90% of system capacity") doesn't make
much sense either.  If this is the only task running on my machine, I
really do want it to execute at full speed.  Again, the OS task
scheduler was designed to handle exactly this case.

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