[whatwg] Client-side includes proposal

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Wed Aug 20 05:01:08 PDT 2008

I admit XSLT is heavy and it causes a significant rendering slowdown in the
browser.  This is not a problem because the XSLT processor runs on the
publisher's machine once each time new content gets published - authoring
that content would probably take much more time than publishing it anyway.
I do not agree the problem is simple.  A document transformation is not
simple and inclusion is a simple special case; however, I am afraid
providing a specially crafted solution for every simple case you might need
is feature creep.  Once you have simple document inclusion, you would
probably find out you would appreciate something more sophisticated.
BTW, it is also possible to use entities for document fragments in XHTML.

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XML or XLST is too heavy, simple problem, simple solutions

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