[whatwg] Ghosts from the past and the semantic Web

Ben Adida ben at adida.net
Thu Aug 28 09:58:46 PDT 2008

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> THIS.  This was my unarticulable objection to RDFa.  I understand that
> carrying the data around as close to the relevant html as possible is
> good, and making it possible to embed things like CC licenses with all
> relevant metadata in a single copypaste operation is awesome, but the
> redundancy of this being the *only* way to embed it in html bothered me.

I'm glad we agree on the goals!

I'm not sure I understand your worry about "the *only* way." It's
crucial that the syntax for RDFa always mean the same thing, from one
HTML doc to the next. And it's obviously there to embed RDF.

If you want other ways to embed metadata, I don't think that's a
conflict, of course. You can still use microformats, and if you have
other ways of specifying different metadata, you can use those, too.

But maybe I'm misunderstanding your point?


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