[whatwg] Citing multiple <blockquote> elements in HTML5

Calogero Alex Baldacchino alex.baldacchino at email.it
Wed Dec 3 14:52:31 PST 2008

 Jonas Sicking ha scritto:
 > In firefox we now always return the first element with the requested
 > ID. I think IE does the same. This seems equally reliably and much
 > less likely to cause page breakage or interoperability issues.

That's reasonable, and I pointed out that should be standardized 
(expressing a few doubts on the opportunity to do so through the HTML 
DOM), but now acknowledge that's out of scope for HTML 5.

 > As for CSS, I believe in firefox we make all elements with a given ID
 > match the #foo selector. I don't have a strong feeling if this is the
 > correct thing to do, or just make the first one match. The only
 > concern I have is performance.
 > / Jonas

That's reasonable too, and I was wondering about possible consistence 
issues with the DOM, but acknowledge as above that such would be out of 
scope for html 5.

 Regards, Alex.

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