[whatwg] Handling </br> in the "after head" insertion mode

Tommy Thorsen tommy at kvaleberg.com
Thu Dec 4 02:34:56 PST 2008

Consider the following simple markup:

<!doctype html></br>

If I run it through my parser, which is implemented after the html5 
algorithm, the resulting dom is as follows:


The br end tag is a bit special, and should be handled as if it was a br 
start tag. What happens here is as follows: The "before head" insertion 
mode will, upon receiving a br end tag, create a head node and switch to 
the "in head" insertion mode. "in head" will close the head node and 
move on to the "after head" insertion mode. I was expecting "after head" 
to see the </br> and do like it does on a start tag, which is to create 
a body node and move to the "in body" state, but the </br> is just ignored.

I've changed my implementation of "after head" to handle </br> just like 
the "in head" insertion mode, which is:

    An end tag whose tag name is "br"
        Act as described in the "anything else" entry below.

This results in the following dom, for the example above:


This matches Internet Explorer and Opera, but not Firefox and Safari. 
Then again, it looks like Firefox and Safari ignore all </br> tags.


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