[whatwg] Stability of tokenizing/dom algorithms

Edward Z. Yang edwardzyang at thewritingpot.com
Mon Dec 15 12:46:10 PST 2008

James Graham wrote:
> Nothing in section 8 is going to ensure that you get output that passes
> a conformance check. If you do transform the output into something that
> is conforming then you have to make up the rules yourself

Yes, which I suppose is slightly concerning. My philosophy is to first
reconstruct the DOM as much like browsers, and then for non-compliant
DOMs move things around so they become compliant, but *look* the same as
a non-compliant DOM.

> so you have
> just shifted the ambiguity from the client (where it will hopefully
> disappear in a few years once the HTML5 algorithm has large-scale
> adoption) to the sanitizer implementation.

I feel like this is preferable in many cases. There's only one sanitizer
implementation to worry about, as opposed to many browser
implementations. Also, the sanitizer can transparently add cross-browser
compatibility code for poorly supported elements.


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