[whatwg] Stability of tokenizing/dom algorithms

Iñigo inigo.medina at toprural.com
Tue Dec 16 02:16:00 PST 2008

> Edward Z. Yang:
> > > Sounds good, since HTML4 is a strict subset of HTML5 (correct me if I'm
> > > wrong?)
> Ian Hickson:
> > Mostly, yes. (There are exceptions, but they're not things you'd really
> > want to be using anyway, e.g. obscure SGML features.)
> Note though that it's not possible to write a document that is both
> valid HTML 4 and HTML 5, since they both require a different DOCTYPE to
> be used.

That's right, Cameron, but you could change nothing more than the DOCTYPE in
order to validate
if you have choosen a right subset of HTML 4.x.


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