[whatwg] (X)HTML + SMIL?

Giovanni Campagna scampa.giovanni at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 08:15:06 PST 2008

Very back in 2002, a W3C Note about the integration of XHTML (at that time
was 1.1, now it would be 2.0) and SMIL (at that time 2.0, now 3.0). I was
wondering if any work was produced because of that document, or it was
simply forgotten.

IMHO, it addresses many issues:

1) the video HTML5 element can be replaced by SMIL video into XHTML2
documents, alongside with the SMIL DOM, quite similar to HTML5 media DOM. It
also solves accessibility problems such as how to put subtitles into video
(use the SMIL Text Module)
2) CSS Transitions, that currently are WebKit propietary extensions, can be
implemented using SMIL Animation Module. What is more important, many
browsers already implement SMIL Animations on SVG elements, so they could
easilily port them to XHTML2 (or 5 if they prefer)

I hope that some work has been done and I'd like answers about that

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