[whatwg] Some <video> questions

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Sun Feb 3 10:28:28 PST 2008


> The movie seems invalid to me.

The Movie is fine.  If your QuickTime streaming preferences is set to
"automatic", then the problem is most likely a network configuration issue
with your firewall and/or your router.

Please don't post QuickTime technical support questions to this list.  If
you email me privately ("charles" at my domain), I'll do everything I can to
help.  I'm travelling, so replies may take up to a day.


-- Charles

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I installed the latest Quick Time player 
and I still cannot see how it works fine.  
The browser shows the Quick Time logo with a running shuttle underneath.  
The browser is "Ready" and the player is "Negotiating".  
The movie seems invalid to me.


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> Your movie showed as a grey square and hanged Internet Explorer
> and I had to log out.  Was that intended?

It's an ordinary QuickTime Movie and works fine.

The content is irrelevant, but it shows that the files one will embed with
<video> often won't actually contain any video media.  This will be the case
with every metafile format (.asx, .sdp, etc.), and nearly all modern
container formats (.mov, .asf, .swf) that can reference media that lives

-- Charles

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