[whatwg] Calendar subscription as a feed?

Mikko Rantalainen mikko.rantalainen at peda.net
Mon Feb 11 06:32:32 PST 2008

Dan Mosedale wrote:
> Dan Mosedale wrote:
>> One nice property of the webcal: URI scheme is that any user-agent can 
>> reasonably infer the intended use (which is likely to carry the 
>> semantic that the URI will be around for a longer period of time) 
>> simply from the URI.   So this URI can simply be included in any sort 
>> document (mail message, text file) without losing that bit of 
>> information.  By itself, rel="feed" doesn't provide this.

> I just skimmed the slightly (2006) Link header draft after noticing Ian 
> mentioning it in a recent thread here, and if that were to make it back 
> into HTTP, it would seem to solve this information loss bit nicely.

Could you elaborate how one could use Link header to prevent information

In cases where one user sends a "http://..." URI to another user in e.g.
plain text email message how can a Link header prevent loss of
information when compared to "webcal:" URI?

We already have "+xml" suffix for mimetypes, perhaps we should also have
"+subscription" or "+feed"? Or did you mean that similar information
would be encoded as Link header?


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