[whatwg] Workers in HTML5 (was: postMessage apply(), pipe, etc.)

Dimitri Glazkov dimitri.glazkov at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 11:34:54 PST 2008

Since postMessage API is looking more an more like the Gears worker
messaging API (or better), can we go one step further and introduce
workers into the HTML5, defined as invisible windows with limited

WorkerWindow openWorker(in DOMString url);


interface WorkerWindow {

   // for consistency with Window
   readonly attribute Window window;
   readonly attribute Window self;

   // caps
   readonly attribute ClientInformation navigator;

   // session/local storage
   readonly attribute Storage sessionStorage;

   // database stuff
   Database openDatabase(...)

   // to open new worker windows
   WorkerWindow openWorker(in DOMString url);

   // messaging
   void postMessage(...)

   // some events
   attribute EventListener onabort;
   attribute EventListener onload;
   attribute EventListener onunload;

or something like that?


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