[whatwg] Workers in HTML5 (was: postMessage apply(), pipe, etc.)

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Thu Feb 14 15:05:38 PST 2008

> Since postMessage API is looking more an more like the Gears worker
> messaging API (or better), can we go one step further and introduce
> workers into the HTML5, defined as invisible windows with limited
> capabilities:

Why call these "windows" at all? They seem to have no relationship  
physical windows, or the JavaScript "window" object.

> WorkerWindow openWorker(in DOMString url);

Can I supply a URL to an HTML file here? Does the file load and parse  
as an HTML document? Is the document accessible to the worker?

Since the whole point of the worker is to do JavaScript work, should  
this string be a script instead of a URL?

How do I pass data to a worker?

Is there an API contract regarding synchronization and/or order of  

>   // some events
>   attribute EventListener onabort;
>   attribute EventListener onload;
>   attribute EventListener onunload;

Why these events?

When is a worker considered loaded? Unloaded? Aborted?


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