[whatwg] several messages about <figure> and related subjects

Krzysztof Żelechowski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Thu Feb 28 07:23:22 PST 2008

Dnia 27-02-2008, Śr o godzinie 08:06 -0500, Michel Fortin pisze:

> Now, suppose you have this:
>      <p>A header looks like this in your browser:</p>
>      <h1>Some text!</h1>
> ... unfortunately, the <h1> here isn't a real header in the document:  
> it's an illustration of a header (ah-ha: figure!) which can't be  
> removed from te flow of the document (oops, can't use figure). There's  
> no rational way to markup this with the current wording of the spec;  
> abusing <figure> is the most reasonable option I can find:
>      <p>A header looks like this in your browser:</p>
>      <figure><h1>Some text!</h1></figure>
> The problem being that <figure> needs the ability to be moved around  
> without changing the meaning of the document, so the markup above  
> would be non-conforming because the sentence just makes no sense if  
> you put the figure elsewhere. Perhaps figure could have an optional  
> "anchored" attribute to indicate it belongs to a specific point in the  
> document.

If the page has a header, 
you can refer the reader to its ordinary header instead.  
The purpose of headers is to make looking around the page easier; 
your sample header would be a distraction 
if it is styled like a normal header 
and would not make a good demonstration if it is not.


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