[whatwg] Proposal for a link attribute to replace <a href>

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 29 08:18:47 PST 2008

On 29 Feb 2008, at 01:29, Shannon wrote:

> Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
> > While yes, you could rely on something like that, it totally  
> breaks in any user agent without scripting support. Nothing else, to  
> my knowledge, in HTML 5 leads to total loss of functionality without  
> JavaScript whatsoever.

By total loss of functionality I meant something that is functionality  
provided by HTML itself (and not through CSS or some DOM API) which  
leads to the page being totally unusable.

> Well nothing except global/session/database storage,

You already have the fallback for people without ECMAScript, so that  
works fine.

> the "irrelevant" attribute,

So you can edit something which you otherwise couldn't. Oh well.  
Nothing breaks.

> contenteditable,

Oh come on. Even IE supports this. This most certainly is backwards  

> contextmenu,

Again, this is a DOM API and can be recreated in ECMAScript (which, if  
you're try to use it at all, you know is enabled).

> draggable,

Both IE and Safari have partial support for this already.

> the video and audio elements, canvas

All three of these have fallback content, which is needed sometimes  
when a browser does support HTML 5 anyway.

> and the connection interface.

Again, you know you have ECMAScript enabled already to be able to use  
this at all. Something similar could be done using XMLHttpRequest, if  
I am not mistaken.

Geoffrey Sneddon

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