[whatwg] How to use SVG in HTML5?

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 09:08:40 PST 2008

On 23/01/2008, David Gerard <dgerard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Works somewhat in SeaMonkey (gives default specified rendering size of
> image in a small object box with scroll bars) and Safari (gives
> default size in small box with no scroll bars, i.e. top left corner
> only) and best in Minefield (scales image to size of object box,
> scales properly with WIDTH= or HEIGHT=).

Oh, and Opera 9.50 beta build 9745 for Win32 renders it in a box with
scroll bars, and does by far the worst rendering of the original SVG
I've seen ...

> (Minefield uses 100% CPU just displaying my test image, but also
> renders the SVG most accurately of any of them - this image was drawn
> in Omnigraffle but is known to misrender in Firefox, SeaMonkey,
> Safari, ImageMagick, Inkscape and rsvg - proprietary, or I'd link a
> copy. I expect I should create a test case and file a lot of bugs ...)

I shall definitely create a public test case, so as to help Firefox 3
and Opera 9.5 do a good job!

- d.

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