[whatwg] ogg vorbis standard

I Holroyd iholroyd at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:39:59 PST 2008

My apologies for my email address and any incorrect etiquette.

There seem to be too many attempts to force general users to install proprietary software on their PCs - forcing us to support organisations we may not agree with, just to obtain otherwise free content from the internet.

Setting a free and open source solution as THE  STANDARD is the only ethical solution. Using it does not support it, or force anyone to pay money to people they do not agree with. Anyone is free to support it, adapt it and improve it, but no one has to, but we can all be assured that the flow of information we desire is available, without charge, to anyone at all - that is the purpose of standards and especially internet standards. If we do not want it to reach the widest audience or have other special needs such as DRM then we are free to use codecs enable in this way as we already do.

Let us not be subject to the vagaries of big companies who will squeeze us dry once they have hold of us. Apple and Microsoft, to name but two, have nothing to fear, and very little work to do to implement this standard, and they can continue to push their own proprietary codecs as they wish, but not as standards.

Can we make standards ISO compliant, and not have the chaos of people like microsoft advocating OOXML when they are not even sure of their own implementation of it. At least in that case it is clear that they have missed the boat just be the odd ordering of the two 'o's in the name making it clear what should be the open standard.

As open source gets bigger people are going to be surprised if this opportunity is missed to make the standard for the internet a free and open one. Everyone uses Firefox, and many use Open Office, once confidence in the general public builds there will be no stopping this progress of enabling the world - poor and rich alike.

Make the correct decision now, do not leave it for others to make in the future.

Just add my vote to the Ogg Vorbis box please.

I Holroyd, North Wales.

Ps Hotmail's spell checker does not seem to recognise DRM or OOXML! Even more censorship. I expect 'gullible' is not in there either.
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