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Ok, so I know that people think that Dirac disappeared into a black
hole some while ago but we're still hanging in there and getting it
done. We're just coming up to some really major milestones and things
are looking really exciting.
First, Dirac (or part of it) is going to be an international standard.
Yay! We made a cut-down version doing intra coding only and this has
only just been submitted to the SMPTE. If it goes through it will
become VC-2 (Windows Media 9 became VC-1 when they standardised it).
After a lot of hard work fighting SMPTE's preferred Word format (yuk)
it went in just before Christmas and is being voted on as a Committee
Draft as I write this.
At the same time we've been updating the full spec and that's been
published today. Version 1.0 covers the professional VC-2 stuff, whilst
version 2.0 covers the whole system. If VC-2 is well-received we'll
propose an extension so that it covers the whole of Dirac. Then at last
there'll be a royalty-free video compression standard ...

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