[whatwg] Some <video> questions

Dave Singer singer at apple.com
Tue Jan 29 17:32:53 PST 2008

At 17:11  -0800 29/01/08, Charles wrote:
>>  What am I missing that you don't like?
>Are Adobe/Microsoft going to be update their Flash/Silverlight browser
>plug-ins in order to be first-class <video> handlers in Safari on Mac and

Why ask me what other vendors will do with their proprietary formats 
(or their browser, in the case of Microsoft)?

>P.P.S.  I understand that the the world can ignore <video> and continue to
>embed as they currently do.

And for some solution vendors, embed/object may be a preferred 
direction, and for some content owners, they may prefer to continue 
to use systems that use embed/object and require optional downloads 
for their clients, with the consequent uncertainty of support.  I 
hope that there are few in both categories, but I expect it will 
remain a viable option.
David Singer

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