[whatwg] Some <video> questions

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Tue Jan 29 17:57:35 PST 2008


>> Are Adobe/Microsoft going to be update their Flash/Silverlight
>> browser plug-ins in order to be first-class <video> handlers in
>> Safari on Mac and Windows?
> Why ask me what other vendors will do with their proprietary
> formats (or their browser, in the case of Microsoft)?

<slapping forehead>  I'll try again.   :^)

The question is not about what Adobe or Microsoft may or may not do.

The question is about whether Safari (not to single out one browser) is
going to (a) allow 3rd-party browser plug-ins to create support for more
formats (b) using the <video> element (c) on the Safari platform.

Here's a precise scenario:  A user creates an HTML5 page, and of course uses
the <video> element to embed their Windows Media content.  They're rude, and
could care less about Mac or Linux support.

Will Safari provide an API that allows Microsoft to support this scenario by
enhancing their Silverlight plug-in?

-- Charles

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