[whatwg] Some <video> questions

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Thu Jan 31 08:46:33 PST 2008

> I was hoping that <video> would make Objecty <http://wiltgen.net/ 
> objecty/> redundant by making it easy for authors to embed video in  
> a very simple, normalized fashion across formats, browsers and OSs.

The |video| element in HTML5 will make it easy to embed videos  
(potentially including those contained in FLV).
The |embed| element in HTML5 makes it easy to embed Flash applets etc.

   <video src="foo.flv" width="480" height="200" poster="300- 
   <embed src="player.swf?file=foo" width="480" height="226"></embed>

Your |class|-hooked script Objecty seems to try to support both and  
also supports certain "page" URLs (You Tube, Google Video).
The |object| element in HTML5 could still be used like that, but you  
would probably choose the more fitting of the other two elements (at  
least as soon as |video| is widely supported, while |embed| already is).

Ian, |object| currently has special handling for images, shouldn't  
videos be dealt with similarily (i.e. not create a nested browsing  
context)? Also |type="image"| (or 'video') should be enough, without  
slash and subtype, but I've raised that before.

> Now I understand that <video> will be considered successful without  
> having fixed video embeddeding in general, which is fine.

Your loose use of terminology and snappy tone are seriously not helping.

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