[whatwg] <keygen> element

Lars sunberg at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 05:19:09 PDT 2008


I've been searching around in old mail in this mailing list to try to
find this answer, but all I could find about this html element is
which isn't that good.

I have been reading a lot of documentation about this element (at
least, the documentation I could find, not much). I don't understand
why this isn't an standard yet, and from what I can see, it doesn't
look good for this element in HTML5 either.

For those of you who doesn't know what this element is doing; Its for
generating a private/public certificate keypair. The browser keeps the
private one, and the server gets the public one which it signs and
then sends back to the browser. This is extremely useful for secure
verification. Netbanks and other heavy security sites should/are using

I have setup a system like this, and I'm more than happy to provide
info and examples of how its done. I know that the documentation on
element is almost non-existing.

Microsoft (IE) doesn't support this tag, but Firefox and Opera does.
Microsoft have info about why here:

Is there any hope for this element? What information does which people
want to make this an HTML5 standard?


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