[whatwg] Workers

Chris Prince cprince at google.com
Fri Jul 11 17:06:19 PDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 6:44 PM, Aaron Boodman <aa at google.com> wrote:
> I still think you should be able to pass JSON-style objects between
> workers without needing to do the serialization yourself.

A big +1 to allowing JSON-compatible objects as worker messages.  I
left that feature out of the design of Gears V1 workers, and we
received strong feedback from web developers that it's important.

> More importantly, it makes more sense if we're going
> to allow passing end points between workers too.

Also, note that allowing code to construct an Endpoint from an integer
or string isn't a great alternative.  It introduces the risk of
Endpoint spoofing, and/or requires validating the Endpoint parameter
on every call.

Allowing certain richer types to be passed between workers (e.g. types
equivalent to "handles") avoids that problem, while also making life
easier for developers.

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