[whatwg] to use pixels a DPI should be defined in hader of each page

Shimon Doodkin Support helpmepro1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 02:13:09 PDT 2008

in now days we have different sizes of displays some of them huge with low
resolution and some of them normal but with very tiny dots.
usually the DPI of the development machine is matching the dpi of the VIEWER
but sometimes it doesn't
when progress comes and new displays with higher DPI are manufactured no one
buy them because all the text will be very small and unreadable.

i think the missing link between pixels and other real life measures is
maybe like:
<meta name="page_dpi" value="96">
96 is a dipi of my LCD monitor.
72 is the dpi of crt monitor.
maybe to define it in css
@@set_dpi = 96
BODY {display-dpi:96;}
.mydiv {display-dpi:96;}
.mydiv {font-size:20px at 96dpi;}
 or any how

the most common usage of pixel sizes is to match between the size of text
and images.
the images are in pixels and the fonts are in pixels and i want to
[left side image of text bar, align=baseline] some text [right side image of
text bar, align=baseline]
if the text is small everything is ok
but if the text get very large it usually displayed incorrectly.

i think pixels also want to grow when zoomed in but they also want to match
the sizes of images

second case that i can guess is fixed div positioning but here i am unsure.

what do you think about supporting dpi?
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