[whatwg] Creating An Outline oddity

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 14 16:05:19 PDT 2008

Having implemented the creating an outline algorithm (see <http://pastebin.ca/1048202 
 >), I'm getting some odd results (the only TODO won't affect HTML  
4.01 documents such as the following issues).

Using `<h1>Foo<h2>Bar<h2>Lol`, and looking at the final "current  
section" (this is the root sectioning element, body), it seems I  
correctly get the heading of it ("Foo"), but I only get one  
subsection: "Bar". As far as I can see, my implementation follows what  
the spec says, so it looks as if this is an issue with the spec.

With HTML 5, the current_outlinee at the end is a td element, when it  
should be the body element. That really is rather odd.

Geoffrey Sneddon

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