[whatwg] Restricting style inheritance

Frode Børli frode at seria.no
Tue Jun 17 03:43:32 PDT 2008

I am unsure if this applies to HTML (or rather CSS). From the archives I see
that Dean Edwards proposed some <reset></reset> element that was supposed to
reset styles to the page default style. I have another proposal

<div style='inherit: nothing'></div>

This would effectively make everything inside the div have the browser
default stylesheet. Other values for the inherit css style could be:

<div style='inherit: font-weight font-family font-size;'></div>

e.g. any css attribute on a space separated list. This list should also
allow short hand attributes such as "background" and "font" but be expanded.
Note that this is a "white list approach" - which I think is far better than
the black list approach that we need to use today: style='line-height: 10px;
font-family: Arial' etc is a black list and not very maintainable.

Best regards / Med vennlig hilsen
Frode Børli
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