[whatwg] Proposal for cross domain security framework

Frank Hellenkamp jonas at depagecms.net
Fri Jun 20 08:58:37 PDT 2008

> 1. Browser downloads a script from server A.
> 2. Script tries to connect to server B.
> 3. Browser looks up server B's IP-address.
> 4. Browser performs a reverse lookup of server B's IP-address and gets
> a host name for the server.
> 5. Browser looks up a special TXT record in the DNS record for Server
> B, which states each of the IP addresses/host names that can hosts
> scripts allowed to connect.
> DNS records are cached multiple places (including at the local
> computer), so a DDOS attack attempting to take down DNS servers
> probably not succeed.

DNS-Server-Information is often not accessible for many hosts/shared hosts.

Adobe has some of the same Problems with the Adobe-Flash-Player.
They use a crossdomain.xml-file to provide policy-informations.

In the Flash Player 9,0,115,0 they introduced something like meta-policies:


Probably worth a read, when we discuss this topic...

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