[whatwg] Geolocation API Proposal

Aaron Boodman aa at google.com
Thu Mar 6 08:41:26 PST 2008

2008/3/6 Aaron Boodman <aa at google.com>:
> On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 8:14 AM, Krzysztof Żelechowski
>  <giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl> wrote:
>  >  The intersection of this interface with HTML is empty
>  >  and it will always be because it does not hook on anything to declare.
>  >  It qualifies as a browser extension.
>  How is it different than the HTML5 database API?
>  In any case, I wanted to post this here because this seems to be where
>  the right people are. But if you think there's a more appropriate
>  group to approach, let me know.

After I wrote this, I realized the difference you might be thinking
about. We were imagining that when standardized, this API might live
at window.geolocation, clearly not google.gears....

The proposal actually mentions this in the top paragraph, but it might
not be clear enough.

Gears specifically avoids using the standard entry points (window,
document, etc) to avoid conflicting with browser native
implementations of the same standards. But from there down, we aim to
implement the same interfaces. So the gears geolocation object would
implement the same interface as the standard geolocation object, if
there was one.

Hope this helps,

- a

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