[whatwg] [HTML5] Accessibility question - SSML

Keryx Web webmaster at keryx.se
Tue Mar 18 14:23:10 PDT 2008

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis skrev:
> I think it's a mistake to assume a "accessible" or 
> "screen-reader-friendly" view should be non-interactive.
> In so far as this is true at all, it's largely a result of web 
> interactivity depending on non-standard widgets. AFAICT, this is one of 
> the problems HTML5 tries to solve.

Hear, hear!

We also need to work with screen readers and browser developers so that 
that CSS media rules actually start to be applied. And Webkit should 
join the ARIA party!

A thought (an just a thought), however, that might be worth 
investigating is if SSML could be embedded into HTML, using similar 
principles as is being considered for SVG.

Lars Gunther

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