[whatwg] Geolocation API Proposal

Shyam Habarakada shyamh at microsoft.com
Fri Mar 21 08:41:05 PDT 2008

> and do you send it to third party servers? should doubleclick be able
> to automatically target their ads based on precise location?

If the container page/site is able to access location via any of these mechanisms, there is little to nothing that the user-agent can do to prent that site from forwarding the information to an ad provider. In other words, the privacy concerns around location cannot be solved with just technical solutions and would require the implementation and adherence to policies that protect the end-user.

In many ways, this is no different to collecting the user's phone number or credit-card information via a web-form. The data needs to be handled in a trustworthy manner and the user must be able to easily understand how that information is used.

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