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Thomas Thomassen thomas at thomthom.net
Sat Mar 29 04:09:44 PDT 2008

In reply to Tab Atkins Jr. http://lists.whatwg.org/pipermail/whatwg-whatwg.org/2008-March/014266.html

"Yes, if you have any insight as to why it is difficult, please share.  As it
is, browsers (specifically, FF2, IE7, and Opera9) seem to handle it just
Note - this is obviously triggering quirks mode.  FF2, in fact, refuses to
style the <ins> and <del> elements if you give the page a proper DOCTYPE.
The other two browsers seem to accept it just fine, though."

When I was testing I was using a strict doctype and primarily used Firefox2. Firefox would style the elements and RightClick->View Page Info says it's in Standards compliance mode. I've never seen invalid markup trigger quirks mode. I thought it was the DOCTYPE, or the lack of it, that controlled that.

Reply to the thread in general:
As I understand it, allowing <del> and <ins> to wrap around list items and other items such as table rows adds some more complexity to the implementators. But is it really so complex that it's worth denying the semantic value of doing such markup?

As for backwards compatibility, I see that wrapping tablerows in <del> currently doesn't work well in browsers. Would that be a show stopper to allow it in the specs? Would that prevent allowing scenarios that *do* work, such as wrapping list items, from entering the specs as it would be all or nothing?

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