[whatwg] The sizes="" attribute for rel=icon

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Wed May 28 11:31:40 PDT 2008

A TEXTAREA is different from an INPUT control in that its value is in its
content, therefore it deserves a separate element.
I agree the BUTTON element feels extraterrestrial.  I suspect Microsoft of
inventing it.  I would classify it along with MARQUEE, SPACER and BLINK.

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Ian Hickson wrote:
>> In general I agree that attributes are not a scarce resource, but if you 
>> need to add use-specific attributes to a supposedly-generic element I 
>> think that indicates that the generic element is inappropriate for the 
>> use-case.
> I disagree. Look at <input>, for instance.

I wouldn't have designed <input> as it is either. It seems arbitrary 
(and initially, confusing) to me that most form elements share one 
element but then a random handful have their own custom elements. (I 
guess you might argue, though, that <textarea> and <button> ought to be 
<input> types rather than the other way around.)

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