[whatwg] Some media element details

Bonner, Matt (IPG) matt.bonner at hp.com
Fri May 16 11:42:06 PDT 2008

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Jan 2008, Antti Koivisto wrote:

> > It would be nice to have a read-only attribute (called "playing" for
> > example) that would be true when the element is "actively playing".
> > Knowing if the playback is progressing is necessary for implementing
> > basic playback UIs with JS. It is clumsy and not very obvious that you
> > need to do "var playing = !video.paused && !video.ended &&
> > video.readyState >= HTMLMediaElement.CAN_PLAY" to get this information.

> What's the use case?

Wouldn't you want something like that to know, for example, whether
to display a "play" or a "pause" button?

Matt Bonner
Hewlett-Packard Company

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